WhiteOak Gripboard

Instructions for mounting the gripperboard on the wall

1- Place the gripper in the desired location to mark the mounting holes on the wall

2- Drill 10mm diameter holes in the designated areas

3-In the holes, place the supplied wall plugs

4-Fasten the board with the included screws. The screws should be tightened firmly but with a sense of feeling. Screwing too tightly may result in cracking of the wood!

Training applications that support the WhiteOak Gripboard

Below you will find a list of apps where you can find ready-made workouts and tips for the WhiteOak Gripboard and WhiteOak Mobile Gripboard.

1: [iOS oraz Android] Linebreaker extended

2: [iOS] Fingy

3: [iOS, Android and Web] Hangtime App

WhiteOak Pocket

The WhiteOak pocket grip board, in addition to four grip depths, also allows you to adjust the difficulty of your grip using where you attach the weight: preview below