WhiteOak Accessories Kit



Looking for a ready-made accessory kit or the perfect gift for a climber?

Our accessory kit is a hit! Designed for optimal climbing performance and comfort, packaged in a cardboard box with eco-friendly filler. In addition to the standard accessories for skin care, the large set also includes the WhiteOak Pocket Hangboard

What you’ll find in the kit:

Liquid Magnesia: The perfect complement to magnesia in traditional powder form. Our liquid magnesia provides a firm grip, minimizing excessive hand perspiration. The high-quality formula allows for precise application, so the climber will maintain a firm grip even in the toughest conditions. 50 ml in a practical bottle with a carabiner.

Climbing Tape: Professional climbing tape that protects your hands from abrasions, allows you to secure the pulleys and makes climbing in cracks easier. Non-stretch and durable, our tape will allow the climber to focus on movements without worrying about minor injuries.

Corns Tarka: Long hours of climbing can lead to corns and calluses. Our specially designed grater will allow climbers to take care of their hands by eliminating the potential discomfort of cracked skin and calloused skin 

Regeneration Wax: After an intense day of climbing, the skin may need regeneration and nourishment. Our regeneration wax is the perfect solution. Its unique formula works to soothe and moisturize, helping the climber’s skin return to optimal condition.

WhiteOak Pocket Portable Hangboard(large set only) An innovative and compact grip board, ideal for warming up and supplementing training. It offers a variety of holds to improve climbing skills. Pocket included already contains an insert to reduce grip

Don’t waste your time searching for separate products! Our set of accessories for climbers is a complete offer that will allow every climber to enjoy their passion to the fullest without compromise. Give a useful and practical gift

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