WhiteOak Wooden hangboard



WhiteOak hangboard has been designed to become a base of modular system for those who wants to progress quickly, regardless of the advancement level.

Hand sanded ash wood with fine texture and radiused edges are much more skin-friendly than classic composite hangboards.

We have developed a unique system of accessories that do not require special assembly. You just need to place additional blocks/slopers on the upper part of the hangboard, in any configuration, to extend the scope of available training.

Check for accesories in our shop!

Hangboard itself is meant to be compact (Dimensions – 50cm Width, 12,5cm Height 4.8cm depth), but it can be equipped with adjustable slopers, pinches or rollers (Available in shop)

The holds include:
2 pairs of 4 finger pocket (30/20 mm)
2 pairs of 3 finger pocket (25/14 mm)
2 longer pockets for asymetric deadhangs and pull-ups (20/14 mm)
one long jug-like 46mm hold on top

Comes with 4 screws for installation

Hangboard supported by apps: HangTime and Fingy

Hangboard installation guide


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 12.5 × 4.6 cm

Brak, 1 para: łatwe, 1 para:trudne, dwie pary