For facilities

We are glad that you are interested in cooperating with our company! As a manufacturer of climbing, mobility training and physiotherapy equipment, we offer a wide range of top-quality products ideal for equipping climbing facilities. If you are planning to create or expand a climbing area, are looking for grabbing boards, want to organize a strength training area or campus board, please feel free to contact us. For larger orders, we offer individual pricing and the possibility to negotiate terms of cooperation. We also support a variety of sports events, offering prizes and support.

Feel free to contact us at: and at phone number: 666708166

For content creators

If you are an online content creator and passionate about climbing or training, we invite you to join us! We are open to a variety of activities, from product reviews, to organizing joint events, to promotional activities on social media. If you want to start a project with us, contact us to discuss the possibilities of cooperation. We look forward to your creativity and enthusiasm!