Hangboard- An Exceptional Training Tool for Climbers.

hangboard is a training tool used by climbers to improve the strength and endurance of their fingers, wrists and arms. It is a device that focuses on grip training, which is crucial when climbing in rocks or climbing walls. Gripboard is a useful tool for developing climbing skills, both for beginners and advanced climbers.

Basics of Grip Training

  1. Different Grips: Gripboards have different types of grips such as klama, ties and oblocks. Trainers can choose the holds that suit their skills and training goals. It’s important to vary your grips to develop even strength in different fingers and grip configurations. We’ve included a full range of grips in the WhiteOak Grip Board , from deep 30mm pockets to small 14mm edges. In addition, the top provides a comfortable, warm-up grip with a depth of as much as 46mm, so our gripboard can serve you regardless of your climbing level.
  2. Session Exercises: Gripboard training involves relatively short, intense sessions. Climbers perform a repetitive series of holds at periodic intervals. Repeating these sessions allows you to develop strength and endurance under controlled conditions.
  3. Progression: start with easier holds and gradually increase the difficulty. As you progress in your training, you can move to more difficult holds and longer sessions.
  4. Various Exercises: Gripboard enables different types of exercises, such as training maximum strength by holding a grip for an extended period of time, squats when bent at the elbows and also dynamic movements like pull-ups or even dynamic grip changes. It helps to diversify training and develop different aspects of climbing.
  5. Safety: It is important to avoid overtraining, which can lead to injury. It is worth using the right technique, ensuring proper recovery and listening to your body.

Gripboard is an extremely useful tool for training climbers, enabling concentrated development of finger strength and endurance. This tool is an integral part of the training of many climbers, helping them achieve better climbing results on various types of routes.

Whiteoak’s gripe board is one of the valued options on the market. It was designed by climbers for climbers, with simplicity of form and maximum functionality in mind. The base version of the grip-tab does not include specific grips , such as clamps, tufts or rollers. However, its modular design allows for the non-invasive installation of oblongs on the top bracket and allows for the hanging of additional accessories with a simple loop from the repa. The top edge can also be used to suspend the relief rubber. This makes the WhiteOak Gripboard an even more versatile training tool, tailored to different climbers’ goals and preferences.