WhiteOak Portable Hangboard

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The WhiteOak Portable Hangboard is a lightweight and portable gripboard that provides versatile training options for both trips and warm-up sessions in the rocks. Thanks to its length, it enables an intensive full-body workout, ideal for climbers who value mobility and functionality.


The WhiteOak Portable Hangboard is a double-sided hangboard that enables effective training and warm-ups anywhere. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, you can take it with you anywhere, making it ideal for climbers who value mobility as well as functionality. Specifically designed for climbers who don’t want to give up training while on the move, this device offers a variety of training options that are usually only available on larger, stationary devices

Key features:

  • Compact and lightweight: Ideal for easy transport, it will fit in a backpack without adding significant weight.
  • Double-sided functionality: Allows for a variety of holds on both sides for increased training opportunities.
  • Available holds: 1 pair of 30/25 mm fours, 1 pair of 30/25 mm twos, and a 20/15 mm center strip,
  • Length 50 cm: Allows you to train with full involvement of the back muscles, and can also be used as a pull-up bar.

With its length of 50 cm,  It can also act as a pull-up bar, making it an extremely versatile training tool. Rounded edges guarantee safety and comfort, minimizing the risk of abrasions and increasing comfort during intense exercise. The solid construction of seasoned maple wood provides strength and resistance to changes in weather conditions.

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