WhiteOak Balance Beam


WhiteOak Beam is a balance beam made of solid beech wood, perfect for exercises that improve hip and ankle stability as well as foot strength and mobility. Regular use of the bar can help improve balance, relieve foot pain and improve posture. It is an effective training tool that helps maintain optimal fitness and movement functions of the body.


WhiteOak Beam is a high-quality balance beam made of solid beech wood, designed to support users’ health and fitness through balance and stability training. The beam has a shaft diameter of 50 mm and has been tested to a load of 400 kg, ensuring safe use without worrying about the weight limit.


  • It can help improve hip and ankle stability and foot strength and mobility.
  • Regular exercise can turn into a kind of movement meditation, benefiting both body and mind.
  • It can help with toe realignment.
  • It can help stretch the muscles of the foot.
  • It can help improve balance.
  • It can relieve foot pain and tension.
  • Can improve posture and increase foot mobility

WhiteOak Beam is not only a tool for movement training in the movement stream, but also an aesthetically pleasing and functional device that allows full control over the body. Walking on the beam with the bare foot activates every muscle in the foot, improves toe grip and contributes to proper walking technique, which is key to avoiding injuries.

Delivery information: Due to its dimensions, the WhiteOak Beam equivalent beam with a standard length of 100 cm cannot be shipped via inPost parcel service. Please select courier delivery for this product.

WhiteOak Beam is ideal for those looking for a durable and effective balance beam that improves health and fitness, adding elegance and style to any training environment.

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