WhiteOak Foot Trainer



The WhiteOak foot trainer provides individual axis training (extension, flexion, supination and pronation). The trainer consists of two movable panels connected to each other. The movable linkage allows the forefoot and backfoot to move independently. With the help of balance bars attached with Velcro, you can easily reconfigure the trainer to suit the requirements of the exercise.

– a trainer with dimensions of 31 × 11 cm with three balance bars, packed in a transport bag.

– Foot joint training
– Leg axis stabilization and correction
– Variable tilt adjustment

– Weakness of the feet
– Incorrect foot positioning (flat feet, hollow feet)
– Leg axis stability training
– Straightening the heel
– Leg axis correction

The device was developed in cooperation with a licensed physiotherapist specializing in the prevention and treatment of lower limb displacement and postural deformities

Important Information for German consumers
Due to a pending patent claim, this item cannot be shipped to Germany.
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