WhiteOak Slant Board 20°: Stretch and squat platform



The new Slant Board from WhiteOak is a multifunctional platform that finds applications in strength training, mobility and physiotherapy.  

The platform allows you to improve the depth of the squat to perform the exercise in full range of motion. 
Thanks to their high strength, the platforms can be used for both body-weight and weight training(strength up to 400 kg/pair). With the ability to adjust the pair of platforms in any way, the width of the foot placement is arbitrary and allows you to perform classic squats as well as “sumo” squats

Slant Board allows you to stretch your legs, calves, quadriceps muscles, hips and knee tendons.
Regular use of the platform can help recovery from Achilles and other tendon injuries. 

The platform is made of durable and aesthetically pleasing plywood covered with a durable, non-fading laminate with a non-slip pattern of small hexagons.   Each platform has step markings and a comfortable handle.

Dimensions of the usable part: 30×20 cm, height 14 cm
Dimensions of the pair (folded): 30×40 cm

Delivery time for platforms is 4-7 business days

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One piece (one piece), Couple (pair)