WhiteOak Training Platform


The WhiteOak Training Platform is a versatile tool for isometric training and grip strength assessment, compatible with external dynamometers for tracking progress. It supports resistance band workouts, enhancing training possibilities. Suitable for various settings, including physiotherapy clinics, climbing gyms, and home gyms, it features a central ring for force measurements and resistance band attachment, plus peripheral handles for diverse exercises.


The WhiteOak Training Platform is designed for comprehensive isometric training and accurate grip strength measurements. It is compatible with third-party dynamometers, so you can accurately track your training progress.
What’s more, the platform is ideal for training with resistance bands, offering even more training opportunities.

Its versatility makes it perfect for a variety of environments: from physiotherapy offices, to climbing walls, to private homes where it can become the equivalent of a full-size gym. A centrally located, unscrewable ring with a 400-kilogram strength allows easy connection of a dynamometer or hook scale for force measurements. In addition, it provides an ideal point for attaching a training rubber band.  Additional handles arranged around the perimeter allow you to mount the resistance bands in many different configurations, enabling a full range of training of different muscle groups.